Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Spring Summer 2010..our colour trends

As always, we have been off to heimtextil in germany to look at trends and colours for 2010..it seems to come around so quickly! We had a flying visit, not helped by the delayed flights..that is another story..here is a roundup of a trip to the trend forum..it’s our own interpretation and we have created our own themes.

Fortune teller
This is exciting and a little bit scary…it combines many rich and exotic colours, textures and techniques. Here pretty much anything goes, gold patterns with turquoise, patchworks and madness. There are lots of textures made from applications and appliqué and jacquards and colourful and bright.
Matt and gloss
This palette brings back the trusty grey that we have seen again and again over the past few seasons. It combines matt and opaque fabrics with a little bit of shine from rubber and metallic fabrics. For bed linen we are going to try some metallic threads in embroidery and jacquards. Patterns are abstract and geometric.
Peacock luxury
We saw this as a real trend in both colour and texture..Feathers are fashion it seems and the colours in the beautiful peacocks feathers are perfect for a story of bright and bold and luxury. Pattern content is feathers and floral and big and bold.
In the woods, down by the stream
This is about organic growth and rustic colours..fabrics are natural and bleached white is nowhere to be seen. Shades are organic, leaves silhouettes and patterns are found here. Greens are soft and mossy and there are shoots of spring green.
All white now
It’s always a trend in home textiles, especially for bed linen..but this is a little bit different..we have layering and pleating and ruffles and smocking..Whites are layered with white and embroidered with white and woven with white..it all works together with a wealth of texture..and no other colour to be seen…it is a challenge to do something new in white…we are excited about this.
Moroccan madness
This is about pattern..lots of pattern..all of the colours of Marrakech coming to life. The colours are blue and red and rust and cream. Patterns are geometric and bold. We might even go there to be inspired more!

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